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Pleather • Faux Leather Fabric • Sewing Pleather



About Pleather

Pleather is an inexpensive substitute for leather that has the additional benefits of being easier to sew than leather and easy to care for. Pleather is also soft, flexible and has good abrasion and tear resistance.

Pleather Tips:

  • Pre-wash before sewing if you plan to wash instead of dry clean. (Not all pleather is washable. Also test for machine drying).

  • Pins damage pleather. Use tape, glue, weights or paper clips.

  • Wash pleather in warm water with short cycle. Tumble dry on synthetic cycle and again use a short cycle. Hang immediately after removing from the dryer.

  • Iron with low heat and a pressing cloth.

  • Spot clean pleather using a cloth and mild detergent.