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Striped Shirtings • Flannel Plaids • Tartan Plaids

Yarn Dyes and Prints

Plaids and stripes can be either printed on the fabric or woven into it. When the pattern is created by use of different colors of yarn, then the fabric is referred to as yarn dyed. Generally, speaking yarn dyed plaids and stripes are preferred over printed fabrics with similar plaid and striped patterns. One simple reason is that the yarn dyed patterns look better. In addition, printed plaids and stripes are sometimes misprinted so that the patterns do not line up with the grain of the fabric, a difficult problem to deal with. With our shirting fabrics, we only sell yarn dyed plaids and stripes.

Shirting Prices

You will see a wide range of prices among our shirting fabrics. The price differences do not necessarily reflect quality differences. If we are able to purchase the fabric as surplus from a garment manufacturer, we pay much less for the fabric than if it is purchased from an importer. Good quality shirtings, not just silk but cotton too, are very expensive.

We want to provide our customers with an extensive and well rounded selection of shirting fabrics. Ideally, all of these fabrics would be available from garment manufacturer surpluses. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and we have had to obtain some of the shirtings by paying the higher importer prices.

As an aside, it's a sign of the times that all better quality shirtings, and most that are not as nice, come from mills and converters located overseas.