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Spandex Fabric? Lycra® Fabric?
How We Identify Our Stretch Fabric

When describing our stretch fabrics, we typically identify them as spandex fabric. We identify the fiber content as Lycra® only when we are confident that the fabric actually contains the Lycra® fiber. Both spandex and Lycra® fabric are widely used by garment manufacturers whose surpluses we purchase. However, by the time these fabrics reach us, tags and labels have typically disappeared making it impossible for us to make the distinction between spandex fabric and Lycra® fabric.

This means that you will often see our stretch fabrics identified as spandex fabric even when there is a high likelihood that the fiber is Lycra®. Lycra® is a registered trademark of Invista.

Our site offers a large selection of spandex fabrics for swimwear, dancewear and skating costumes.