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Choosing The Right Vinyl

Abrasion Resistance

Vinyl can generally out perform leather and woven fiber fabrics on both abrasion resistance and durability. However, some vinyls are more abrasion resistant than others.

Anti-Microbial Characteristics

A vinyl with excellent anti-microbial characteristics is one that is easily sterilized and resists the growth of bacterial organisms. Vinyl is very important to healthcare providers.


What type of backing is best suited for your vinyl project? For instance, foam backed vinyl is often used for marine headliners.


Most vinyl can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Common houseold spray cleaners can be used on most vinyls. We recommend testing your cleaner on a scrap or an inconspicuous area.

Cold Crack

Is your application likely to be subject to extreme cold? Then you need to pay attention to cold crack resistance. The cold crack rating is the temperature at which the vinyl may become brittle and crack.



Most vinyls are made with UV stabilized pigments. This is of particular importance if your application involves exposure to sunlight.

Ease of Use

Some vinyls are stiffer, some softer. Softer vinyls are usually easier to sew and conform better to projects with many curves or small details.


Think of candles, cigarettes and other items that might be exposed to your project. Commercial vinyls are manufactured to meet or exceed federal, state and local fire codes.


Is your vinyl project exposed to the elements? Check for mildew resistance.

Stain Resistance

Almost all vinyls are spot and stain resistant. Vinyl will not absorb fluids.

Surface Texture

What kind of texture are you looking for in your vinyl project? There are many to choose from.

Yardage Estimators
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Tips For Sewing With Vinyl

from More Fabric Savvy

More Fabric Savvy
by Sandra Betzina

Cut out a 1-in. square for feed dogs out of Teflon press sheet. Tape Teflon sheet to sewing table surface, with hole cutout over feed dogs. Tape to bed of machine. Your vinyl fabric will now slide easily without sticking to the bed of the machine. Needle holes in vinyl are permanent. Hold vinyl layers together with paper clips.

  • Includes 19 new fabrics not included in the original Fabric Savvy for a total of 100 fabrics.
  • Updated Glossary and Sources to provide up to the minute fabric information.
  • Includes a handy stain-removal chart for tackling over 50 types of stains.
  • Two new features include a lining chart, and a "burn test" chart to determine a fabric's content.