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Types of Wool Yarn

Woolen Yarn is spun from fibers 1"-3" long, with ends that stick out producing a fuzzy yarn. Fabric made from these fibers tend to be thicker and softer. Woolen fabric is often worn in cooler temperatures.

Worsted Wool Yarn is spun from combed parallel fibers 3"- 6" long producing a smooth yarn. Worsted wool fabric tends to be uniform and firm. Worsted wool fabric is usually lighter in weight and can often be worn year-round.

Types of Wool Fabric

Challis wool fabric is usually made from worsted yarn and is very soft and lightweight. It is often printed with floral or paisley patterns.

Flannel wool fabrics are woven from either woolen or worsted yarns. They are usually identified by their fuzzy surface and are often used for shirts, pants, skirts, and jackets.

Gabardine is firmly woven from worsted yarn with a tight twill weave. It is easily identified by the diagonal parallel ribs on the face of the fabric.

Herringbone is woven from either woolen or worsted yarns. It has a pronounced zigzag twill pattern on the fabric surface.

Houndstooth Check has a four pointed star check in a broken twill weave.

Jersey is a lightweight wool fabric with distinct knit stitches on one side and rounded purl stitches on the other.

Merino Wool fabric is made from the fleece of the Merino sheep. It is extremely soft and fine with "whiteness" that dyes into clear pure color. Merino wool fabric is some of the best quality produced and is said to resemble cashmere.

Tartan wool fabrics have a twilled plaid design and originate from Scotland. Tartans are used to identify Scottish families and clans and are made into kilts, scarves, sashes, ties and more.

Tweed is known for the little nubs of color that are found throughout the fabric. Tweeds are often multi-colored and used in sportswear.

Wool Jacquard is made from worsted yarns and has a complex woven pattern. Both sides of jacquard wool fabric can be used in constructing clothes or decorator items.