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Drapery Lining • Drapery Fabric • Window Treatment Lining

Excerpts from Sandra Betzina Sews For Your Home

Bancrease Lining

This lining can be used for all weights of fabric and is great for lining swags because it is light weight, easy to work with and drapes well. It offers sun protection to decorator fabric. Bancrease lining diffuses light but does not offer total blackout. You can add body and insulation benefits if interlining is also used.


This lining can be used with all weights of fabric and offers sun protection. It diffuses the light but does not offer total blackout. Special Suede will add some insulation value to your treatment. More insulation value can be added if interlining is also used.

Eclipse Blackout Lining

This lining works well with medium to heavyweight fabric. If you want the total blackout benefits on a lighter weight fabric, use interlining to add body to the drapery fabric. This lining offers total blackout of daylight through the drapery treatment and offers sun protection to your decorator fabric. When using Blackout lining, pay special attention to your choice of hardware and the mounting methods used because of the heavy weight of your total treatment.

All these linings come in ivory and white to compliment your home’s exterior.

Adding a drapery lining to a home-dec project is a bit like wearing a slip under a dress. The fabric hangs without clinging, it has more body, and there is no translucent show-through. When a window treatment is used to visually enlarge the size of the window, a lining will prevent you from seeing where the window ends and the wall begins. The most compelling reason to line window treatments is to protect decorator fabrics from fading.

Drapery lining comes in ivory and white. Choose whichever one blends in with your shades or shutters, and use the same color throughout the house so that all the windows look the same when viewed from the street.

There are three basic weights to choose from: lightweight, medium-weight, and heavyweight. Lightweight drapery lining fabric include a cotton/polyester blend called Bancrease. In the medium-weight drapery lining category, there is Thermafoam?, a 70% polyester/30% cotton that feels like it has a bit of rubber in it. The most popular heavyweight drapery lining is Eclipse, a blackout lining consisting of a 30% cotton/70% polyester blend that actually blacks out all light.

Lighter-weight linings work well for drapery made from heavier fabrics, to prevent them from becoming so heavy that they pull the brackets off the wall. Medium-weight linings can be used to line pretty much any fabric. Sheers can be backed with another layer of the same sheer fabric.