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Wholesale Fabric Prices From Fabric Retailers

How is it that a retailer can advertise wholesale fabric?

It sounds too good be true, but it actually happens more often than you might expect.

Very little fabric, apart from quilting prints, is actually made for retail sale. Most fabric is produced for garment manufacturers. When people refer to wholesale fabric, what they are talking about is fabric sold at prices manufacturers pay.

When garment manufacturers finish cutting and sewing, they invariably end up with surplus fabric. They place orders for their fabrics many months in advance of production, and it is simply impossible for them to accurately estimate their needs. Their estimates can be over or under—but are usually under.

Manufacturers sell their surplus fabric to middle men called fabric jobbers. These jobbers are typically expected to make large purchases—often the manufacturers entire fabric surplus. The jobber is willing to make this kind of purchase, even though it is likely to include some fabric that is not very desirable, because he is buying it for a fraction of the original wholesale fabric prices.

When the jobbers sell to retailers, they put their markup on the below-wholesale price paid to the garment manufacturer. The retailer then puts a markup on jobber’s price. Even with these two markups, the price to the consumer can still be near or even below the original wholesale fabric price paid by the garment manufacturer.

Many of the prices on our site are at or below wholesale. Generally speaking, they are the lowest prices we can afford to offer. However, customers wishing to purchase large quantities (100 yards or more of an item) should feel free to check with us to see if a better price is available.