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Ultrasuede is a fabric so unique, it's in a category all its own. Ultrasuede, made by Toray, is a synthetic suede fabric that is considered the standard by which all other similar fabrics are measured. Their technology-which is exclusive to their company -produces a soft, luxurious fabric that features easy use, easy care and exceptional durability.

Ultrasuede combines the rich aesthetics of a suede surface with benefits no animal product could ever offer. Ultrasuede® is soft, supple and sensuous to the touch. Yet it's also resistant to stains and discoloration. It's even machine-washable or dry-cleanable.

Ultrasuede Fabric FAQS

How can I tell if it's genuine Ultrasuede Fabric?
If you do a direct comparison, you'll see and feel the difference immediately: Ultrasuede delivers much more luxurious tactile and visual effects.

Are there different kinds of Ultrasuede?
Ultrasuede is manufactured in a number of weights to meet the demands of specific applications. Ultrasuede for furniture, for example, is made a little thicker to stand up to the wear and tear of upholstery applications. Ultrasuede is a sensuous, drapable garment fabric light enough to be worn comfortably all year round.

Ultrasuede Care Instructions

"Ultrasuede Carefree Instructions" might be a better way to put it. One of the things consumers and designers alike appreciate most about Ultrasuede is how easy it is to keep looking beautiful-and feeling soft and plush-for years to come.

Everyday Upkeep
A quick once-over with a medium-bristle brush will restore the nap and soft luster of Ultrasuede.

Laundering/Dry Cleaning
Ultrasuede is designed to be machine washable. However, ready-to-wear garments are often combined with materials (for lining, trim, etc.) that don't stand up to a washing machine. Be sure to check the manufacturer's care instructions first. Don't use fabric softeners.

All Ultrasuede fabrics can be dry-cleaned except for one shade of clear white used for some garments.

Stain Removal
From red wine to black coffee, most stains can be ringlessly spot-cleaned with just a touch of mild soap and water. Tougher stains may require a mild cleaning fluid, which you can purchase at most hardware and drug stores. Do not use bleach.